Emergency First Response

The PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) course is an essential program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond confidently and effectively to medical emergencies, both within and outside of the diving context. Whether you're a diver, a non-diver, or someone seeking valuable life-saving skills, this course provides comprehensive training in emergency care techniques.

How much is this?

RM 1,500

How long will this take?

1 Day

Where will this lesson take place?

YBD Dive Centre

Who is this for?

 1. Wanting to learn CPR, how to use an AED, improve First Aid Skills, and to be prepared in an emergency.

 2. You can be an aspiring Dive Master/Instructor or even just a recreational diver seeking to hone your skills.

 3. What you learn from this course meets the basic requirements for you to further your PADI Rescue Diver certification.

What will I learn?

In Primary Care (CPR & AED), you’ll learn:

1. Eight skills for aiding patients who aren’t breathing, have no heartbeat, possibility of spinal injury, in shock or serious bleeding.

2. How to perform CPR and use AED.

3. Continuous monitoring to provide every possible chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services.

In Secondary Care (First Aid), you’ll learn:

1. How to provide first aid that eases the pain and reduce the risk of further harm.

2. How to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses.

3. How to bandage and splint.

What is included?

 1. PADI eLearning Material.

 2. Professional Fees.

* Prices listed are on a per person basis and are subject to an 8% SST (Sales & Service Tax).