Deep Diver

The PADI Deep Specialty Course beckons adventurous divers to explore the depths of the underwater world, offering an exhilarating journey into deeper waters and expanded diving horizons. Designed for certified divers looking to extend their depth limits and unlock new diving opportunities, this course provides the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely explore depths beyond the recreational diving limit of 18 meters.

How much is this?

RM 2,300

How long will this take?


Where will this lesson take place?

Who is this for?

 1. 15 years old or above.

 2. PADI® Adventure Diver or have done at least 3 Adventure Dives.

What will I learn?

Including four deep dives with our instructors, you will learn:

 1. Reasons for deep diving

 2. The importance of knowing your personal limits.

 3. How to use specialized deep diving equipment.

 4. Deep dive planning, buddy contact procedures and buoyancy control.

 5. How to manage your gas supply, dealing with gas narcosis and safety considerations.

 6.  The first dive of this course may credit as an Adventure Dive toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

What is included?

 1. Full equipment rental (BCD, Regulator, Tank, Mask, Weights & Weight Belt, Fins, Dive Computer, Surface Marker Buoy & Reel, Wetsuit.

 2. PADI eLearning Material.

 3. Professional Fees.

* Prices listed are on a per person basis and are subject to an 8% SST (Sales & Service Tax).