Fun Dives

Fun dives are the essence of scuba diving adventure, offering certified divers the opportunity to explore the underwater world in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Whether you're diving in familiar waters or exploring new dive sites, fun dives provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty, tranquility, and excitement of the underwater realm.

How much is this?

1 Dive – RM 380

2 Dives – RM 680

4 Dives – RM 1200

Additional Dive(s) – RM 310

Enjoy more discounts when you bring your own equipment.

How long is a fun dive?

60 minutes / 50 Bar (LOA)

Where will this lesson take place?

Who is this for?

 1. PADI® Certified Divers or other recognised diving agencies.

 2. 12 years old or above.

What will I learn?

 1. Continue to reinforce important safety procedures such as duddy checks, dive planning, and more.

 2. Encounter a variety of marine life, from colorful reef fish to larger pelagic species. 

 3. Fine-tune your buoyancy skills, maintain proper trim, and minimize your impact on the underwater environment.

What is included?

 1. Full equipment rental (BCD, Regulator, Tank, Mask, Weights & Weight Belt, Fins, Wetsuit, Nitrox for certified divers.

 2. Professional fees.

* Prices listed are on a per person basis and are subject to an 8% SST (Sales & Service Tax).

* Certified Divers are required to have a Dive Computer & a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) with Reel – Rental fees apply.

* Enriched Air (Nitrox) tanks are provided for Enriched Air (Nitrox) certified divers ONLY.