Open Water Diver

Embark on an incredible underwater journey with the PADI Open Water Diver certification course, your gateway to the world of scuba diving. Whether you dream of exploring vibrant coral reefs, encountering fascinating marine life, or simply experiencing the serenity of the underwater realm, this course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to dive safely and confidently.

How much is this?

RM 3,950

How long will this take?

4D3N on the island.

Where will this lesson take place?

 1. Confined Water – YBD Dive Centre’s Dive Pool.

 2. Open Water Dives – Perhentian Island Dive Sites.

Who is this for?

 1. No prior experience with scuba diving is required. 

 2. Suitable for anyone 10 years old (Junior Open Water, max depth 12m) or above.

 3. Adequate swimming skills and in reasonable physical health.

What will I learn?

 1. Essential lessons to help you get the most out of your dives: from hand signals, DOs & DON’Ts, to calculating safety stops.

 2. How to use the basic scuba gear: Mask, Snorkel, Regulator, Fins, BCD, Dive Computer, and Surface Marker Buoy.

 3. How to get in the water in full gears, maneuver underwater and surface after a dive.

What is included?

 1. Full equipment rental (BCD, Regulator, Tank, Mask, Weights & Weight Belt, Fins, Dive Computer, Surface Marker Buoy & Reel, Wetsuit.

 2. PADI eLearning Material.

 3. Coral Propagation Workshop.

 4. Professional Fees.

* Prices listed are on a per person basis and are subject to an 8% SST (Sales & Service Tax).