Adaptive Techniques

Dive into the realm of inclusive diving with the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course. Designed for PADI Professionals, this course focuses on increasing awareness of varying diver abilities and explores adaptive teaching techniques to empower instructors when training and diving with physically and mentally challenged individuals.

Who is this for?

PADI Divemasters or PADI Master Freedivers who have completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course within the last 24 months are eligible for the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course. 

What will I learn?

 1. Become more aware and mindful of individual considerations when introducing people with disabilities to diving or freediving.

 2. Explore adaptive techniques for supervising and training divers or freedivers with disabilities in PADI courses and programs.

 3. Properly counsel and direct student divers, based on their abilities, towards PADI certification or experience programs tailored to their needs.

 4. Learn techniques to motivate and encourage student divers with mental and/or physical challenges.

 5. The course includes knowledge development, two confined water skill development workshops, and two open water workshops.

 6. A subset of this course, PADI Adaptive Support Diver, is available for divers who want to learn how to best support dive buddies with physical or mental challenges.

Where will this lesson take place?

YBD Dive Centre & Perhentian Island Dive Sites

What is included?

 1. PADI E-Learning materials.

 2. Full equipment rental (BCD, Regulator, Tank, Mask, Weights & Weight Belt, Fins, Wetsuit).

 3. Professional fees. 

* All prices listed are per person.

* Dive Courses include Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), Regulator Set, Tank, Weights, Mask & Snorkel, Fins, Dive Computer, Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) with Reel, Dive Professional Fee and PADI eLearning Material.

* Certified Divers are required to have a Dive Computer & a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) with Reel – Rental fees apply.

* Enriched Air (Nitrox) tanks are provided for Enriched Air (Nitrox) certified divers ONLY.

* All prices are subject to 8% SST.

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